Well, here we are, tangled somewhere between the mistletoe and a heart shaped box.

I must say, what a relief! It was a whirlwind of a holiday season and 2020 is looking bright and shiny like the diamonds that we get the pleasure of working with. 🤗💍

Before we are too engrossed with new projects, I’d like to share a few (the ones we were able to photograph) projects that Steve and/or I created in November and December 2019.

Please, contact us by email or phone if you'd like to chat about a custom project. Thanks for reading!
-Stephen & Rachel

1.) ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Tableau Jewellery necklace by Stephen Savory
Custom made for a special birthday present

2.) Textured bands by Rachel Becker
As seen at the Cambridge Farmers’ Market. Textured bands were popular this year as usual! Interesting to look at and comfortable to wear.

3.)’Top Secret’ Tableau Necklace by Stephen Savory
Created for; who other than a true conspiracy theorist.
Truly one of a kind and original piece of art.

4.) Diamond Cat Rings by Rachel Becker (AdvoCATe Goldsmith)
All the colours of gold and some sparkly, pretty, reclaimed, diamonds.

5.) ‘Shrine Lady’ handcrafted sterling silver bracelets by Stephen & Rachel
It was a real honour to be asked to create these bracelets for the Brantford a Shrine Club. 
27 in total! 

6.) In the Works ‘Braille Necklaces’
We were asked to make these which were designed by a local school. I didn’t manage a ‘finished’,  shot but I’m sure you get the idea. Lovely design and a lot of fun to make!

7.) ‘His and Hers’, wedding rings by Stephen Savory
Hand fabricated in white and yellow gold with diamond. 
Simply breathtaking to see in person.

To be continued...
Thanks for having a look. 

Best wishes,
Stephen & Rachel


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