No time for dull moments, when 
everyone wants something shiny!

With the price of gold at a cost of over $2100.00CAD, more and more people are rounding up their old, outdated, broken gold jewelry, or the hideous brooch that aunt Edna left them in her estate. The one she wore out "for good" you know, to bingo and rotary club, and saving a great deal on material cost by using this gold to create something fresh and new! And YOU!!
It all starts with an idea, an inspiration, maybe a picture you found in a magazine or on Google images. Maybe even by taking an existing piece of jewelry and molding it to make an exact replica. After we narrow down a basic design, we do a few sketches or carve a model out of carving wax.
 With an array of tiny grinding tools, a solid block of wax gets transformed into your design. When the customer is satisfied with the look of the model, it is ready to be cast in the metal of choice. Even Edna's brooch can go into the melting pot and forever be a sentimental addition to your special new piece. Everytime you look at it you we want you to shriek with excitement! BINGO!!


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